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Renault UK is growing its support of the London-based Felix Project

With the donation of a further 7 100% electric Renault Kangoo Z.E. panel vans, the charity’s fleet will grow by more than 50%, enabling it to significantly increase the 20 tonnes of food they currently deliver each week. 

The Felix Project was established in March 2016 

The food industry currently generates around 2 million tonnes of avoidable food waste and The Felix Project is passionate about tackling this issue. The Felix Project volunteers collect food which is fresh, yet cannot be sold for a number of reasons from supermarkets, wholesalers and other suppliers, and distribute to around 200 charities and schools throughout London. In turn, these organisations then provide meals, snacks or food parcels to those in need. 

Justin Byam Shaw, founder of The Felix Project, shared the following:

“We started the Felix Project in 2016 because there is so much surplus food ending up in landfill or spread on crops, while at the same time one in ten parents are relying on food banks and charities to feed their families. We now distribute 7 tonnes of great food each day, to 200 charities and 50 schools, thanks to our team of 450 volunteers.”

Vincent Tourette, Managing Director, Groupe Renault UK, said:

“We’re exceptionally pleased to extend our support of The Felix Project. The charity is passionate in what it does and it’s a privilege for us to play a part in helping them to grow their operation and ultimately supply food to those in the capital who are in the most need. With its latest Kangoo Z.E. the Felix Project can extend their reach but also invest the majority of their current fuel and congestion charge costs back into other areas of the business.”

From our Renault volunteers

"Volunteering for The Felix Project is a fun and different way to help a charitable cause and do my bit for the community. Signing up and getting involved is so easy and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a way to do some good!" - Rebecca Tevini, Volunteer Co-Driver


"Driving a Renault Pro+ van around London is a lot of fun and much easier than you’d expect. It’s great to see how much happiness the charity bring to the shelters and charities that they help when we deliver the food. It makes you appreciate the little things." - Elior Doani, Driver

Interested in volunteering with The Felix Project? 

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