Motorsport Our sporting technologies

Our technologies used in competitive driving

Launch Control

Introduced on CLIO R.S. 200 EDC, Launch Control lets you move away like a "cannon ball"! By managing the level of grip on the ground, this electronic system eliminates wheel slippage by acting on the engine torque.

Multi Change Down

By simply holding down the steering wheel-mounted paddles, you can quickly downshift several speeds to negotiate each turn in the best gear. Offered on CLIO R.S. and on MEGANE GT, this technology promises unrivalled driving experiences.

R.S. Monitor

Inspired by the data acquisition systems used in competitive driving, R.S. Monitor records all the information transmitted by the car's sensors. Power and engine torque, brake pressure, oil temperature, steering wheel angle etc. It displays up to 14 values on the dashboard.

All of the data can then be used on a computer and compared with benchmark times on the main tracks.

Independent steering-axis front suspension system

Devised for the R21 Turbo Superproduction of the late 1980s, the independent steering-axis front suspension system found a new use in the most powerful models of our R.S. range.

Contrary to a MacPherson front suspension system, the steering axis is completely decoupled from the damper. This process prevents locked wheels in a sharp turn and improves consistent steering at a high speed.

Cutting-edge turbo technology

Introduced in Formula One in 1977, the turbo technology pioneered by Renault is currently featured in most models of the R.S. and GT range.

Since 2014, turbo technology has also made a comeback in Formula One. The extra power and efficiency brought by this technology is one of the factors that has reduced emissions by 40% at comparable performance.