Innovation Augmented Editorial Experience

Not only a future of autonomous cars, but cars connected to the world around you: AEX brings together a unique combination of mobility, multi-media and premium content.

We have recently partnered with French publishing company, Challenges, to bring together a vision where we are not only passengers in our own autonomous cars - but we can choose exactly how to spend our time on board. AEX embodies a future where mobile content paves the way to sophisticated on-board experiences which reinvent travel time.

More and more, passengers are seeking enhanced travel experiences to make the most out of their time in transit. We will never be able to get rid of travel time completely, but imagine a world where we could turn that time into a worthwhile learning or social experience.

In autonomous driving scenarios, AEX would offer an easy, interactive, voice-commanded access to quality, reliable content. It would be a conversational experience where you could explore fantastic content, fully personalised for your own space and time. Depending on your situation, it would proactively suggest relevant content to listen to or to share on social media for each passenger.

The question is: will you drive or be driven?