Drive to Better:

ZITY by Javier Mateos


Imagine, what would happen if we could stop pollution and wasting energy, time and money in our favorite European cities? That was Javier Mateos’ drive to better when we decided to partner with Ferrovial to create ZITY, an electric car sharing platform launched in Madrid, Spain, in 2017.

“In 2017, I was working on multi-million euro projects for Ferrovial but was very interested in the car sharing industry growing in Madrid. It was like a little window from where you can see a big wall of opportunities” explains Javier Mateos, CEO of ZITY.

With more than 600 Renault Zoes available in the streets of Madrid, ZITY is the result of a cooperation between Renault and the urban services operator Ferrovial, a “pilot for a smarter city” in the future of energy and mobility around Europe.

Step by Step

Our journey together: “In a market like mobility, if you’re alone, you’ll never be the best. You have to select your partners and Renault is the best choice and example for us regarding mobility and electric cars.”

Electric Mobility for a Smarter City

Madrid has the highest rate of daily car-sharing in Europe due to the city’s traffic problems and air pollution issues. As smart mobility is one of the foundations of tomorrow’s cities, the new electric car sharing service, launched a year ago, turns out to be already very popular with more than 100,000 people using the Renault ZOE.

With electric vehicles provided to customers in the right place at the right time via a smartphone application, this new car-sharing scheme covers a wide area of the Spanish capital. “And we don’t want to stop with Madrid. I’m thinking about different cities with more than a million people in Europe, where this type of service has meaning for citizens” says Javier Mateos.

The Story of Our Collaboration

The future of mobility and energy in Europe definitely starts with public transport. In 2018, Madrid joined a global list of pioneering cities fighting air pollution through local initiatives. In this environment, EVs are still permitted access to the city centre.

As the best-selling electric vehicle provider in Europe, we knew that our Renault ZOE had to be part of this adventure, consolidating our commitment to sustainable mobility for all. "We have a big opportunity wth Renault as we allow people to go out of the city, park and have lunch or go to the cinema and come back. All our electric competitors are doing it in the city centre because the batteries are not powerful enough. Together with Renault, we are imagining what the city needs to improve the quality of life of our citizens," concludes the CEO.

Javier's 'Big Dream'

"In a market like mobility, if you're alone, you'll never be the best. You have to select your partners and Renault is the best choice and example for us regarding mobility and electric cars."

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