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We Drive Solar by Robin Berg

Because sometimes just building electric cars isn't enough.

In Utrecht, we partnered with Robin Berg, founder of one of the first car-sharing startups powered by solar energy. Together, we design mobility services suitable for a brighter future.

About Robin's Vision

What first inspired us about Berg’s journey was his powerful inner drive to make electric cars accessible for everyone. In 2015, Robin founded WE DRIVE SOLAR, a car-sharing company with the world’s first bidirectional public charging station, powered by solar energy locally produced.

Today, 30 Renault ZOEs are used daily as car-sharing vehicles in Utrecht, the fourth-largest city in the Netherlands. Our entrepreneur’s plan for a better future is already running: “Today for 100 euros a month, a resident can drive an electric car on a daily basis and power the neighborhood energy system”.

A Resident's Vision

Doctor in a hospital, Lotte Doeleman uses the car-sharing platform on a daily basis. She explains how important it is for her to be the change… “It is so easy, flexible, cheap and it’s solar powered. I mean, that’s clean energy!”

Step by Step

Self-Sufficiency in a City?

By 2020, at least 10% of Utrecht’s roofs will be equipped with solar power.

“We want to equip all roofs with photovoltaic systems and integrate the batteries of the electric cars as energy storage systems, so as to reach 60% of energy self-sufficiency in our city district” explains the founder. And the concept is very simple: “For your daily commutes, you use a quarter of your battery. After driving, you have a battery in front of your house and the energy left can power up your home for nearly two weeks”.

A Shared Vision

At Renault, promoting smart charging seemed like a necessity. Looking for cities where it was already happening, we decided to cooperate with local partners in the Netherlands. Together with Robin’s team at We Drive Solar, we develop technologies and standards to expand mobility in other European cities.

Robin's Big Dream

“When I wake up in the morning I have this amazing vision of the future. We are 5 years ahead, collaborating with Renault and we’ve all switched for solars and electric cars in the world.”

Time to act