Electric Life Porto Santo

Drive to Better:

Porto Santo by Rui Rebelo

In Porto Santo, we partnered with Rui Rebelo, CEO of EEM (Electricity Company of Madeira), to participate in the creation of the first smart fossil fuel-free island in the world.

Porto Santo's Mission

The island of Porto Santo was meeting all the conditions to become a laboratory for the development of new technologies and processes for a better future. “This project is based on six key areas: historical and cultural identity, environment and natural resources, sustainable energy, mobility, tourism, innovation and local economy. Of these 6 areas, sustainable energy and mobility had to be the anchor areas and a determining factor to boost the rest.”

What inspired us to join the adventure? The Porto Santo project advocates new uses of electric vehicles and their batteries. “Renault and its partners have significant assets in a rapidly growing area, such as electric mobility and storage of energy in batteries.” Today, we help EEM and the region of Madeira test and fine-tune their strategies to make this initiative gain visibility in the country and abroad.

A Resident's Vision

Samir is a taxi driver. After having worked for several years in London, he decided to come back to Porto Santo and accept the challenge to become the first all-electric taxi on the island!

Our journey together

Why Porto Santo?

As an integral part of the European 20-20-20 Strategy, the regional government of Madeira’s initiative, supported by the EEM, is based on a simple concept that involves using technology to increase energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

In this context, Porto Santo had all the perfect conditions to become a laboratory for the development of a smart fossil fuel free environment and therefore become an example for many other islands in the world.

A Shared Vision

The EEM partnered with Renault to implement the sustainable mobility area. “Renewable energy is well known to us, particularly in Madeira, where a 30% share in renewable electricity is already attained, while sustainable mobility is a more recent subject. Renault is a manufacturer with a strong adhesion in Madeira”.

In 2016, the EEM asked Renault to develop the potential of EVs in the smart grid, particularly with respect to the Smart Charging and Vehicle-to-Grid concept on the island of Porto Santo.

Time to act