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Renault's FRENDZY concept car has a dual personality

The role of FRENDZY is to be a partner that takes the strain out of this busy lifestyle.

Work mode

The driver's side cockpit is designed around the theme of a futuristic 'work bench'. Green light emanating from the dashboard and signify the 'work' mode and tie in with the colour displayed on the exterior of the vehicle.

  • No centre pillar for easy loading
  • One conventional door and one sliding door for easy entry
  • 37-inch widescreen display can display useful messages or information
  • Rear-view mirrors sit upright and interior lighting is green

Family mode

In the 'family' mode, the atmosphere becomes warmer as the green lights turn orange - a reference to the colour of the previous concept car - the family-oriented R-Space. The interior forms a cosy cabin which echoes the simple, yet practical, world of camping, and this is further reflected by extensive use of wood.

  • Comfortable passenger seat and big bench seat in rearg
  • Watch films or play games on the touch-sensitive pad
  • Kids can draw on special blackboard-style slate integrated into the sliding door
  • Mirrors swivel round to the horizontal position and interior is bathed in radiant orange ambience

Electric commercial vehicle

The chief new feature of FRENDZY as an electric vehicle is the extensive work that has gone into the sounds it produces.

Electric vehicles are silent, so one of the big challenges facing Renault is customising the sound they produce for safety reasons, notably at slow speeds.

FRENDZY's dual personality prompted Renault to develop a broad range of sounds that are emitted both inside and outside of the vehicle to ensure that everyone can tell whether it is in business or passenger car mode.

More impressive still, it is possible to distinguish the passenger side (the world of work) from the driver's side (the world of the family) merely by the sound produced by FRENDZY.

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