Careers The Work Placement Application Process


Application Form

In this first stage we ask you to complete our online application form. We want to learn about your experiences and motivations for applying to our work placement scheme.


Video interview

In our 15 minute video interview we want to get to know you better, learn about your motivations and hear why you would be a great fit for us.


Assessment Centre

The final stage of our process is a one day assessment centre which will include presentations, a competency based interview and group exercises putting together everything you’ve learnt so far.


Offer stage

If you are successfully offered a position within our work placement scheme, congratulations!

Before your start date, we will arrange an insight day where you will visit the office, meet your team and have an informal chat about what you will be doing once you join.

Throughout the assessments you will be measured against five Renault Way behaviours.

The Renault Way behaviours framework guides our people to maximise their contribution through innovation, autonomy and teamwork. Collaborating efficiently together we will achieve our shared goals to ‘Move Our World Forward’. These values support our business goals while ensuring our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Collaborate with colleagues to deliver the best customer experience
  • Unite team members and support them to help achieve our goals
  • Give individuals the autonomy to make decisions and accept different viewpoints
  • Be prepared in innovate and dare to propose ideas to maximise opportunities
  • Be responsible for you own performance and be ready to be held accountable for your actions
  • Participate in meaningful debates using facts to engender trust
  • Speak openly but recognise the value of others, being respectful of their views and opinions
  • Respond with agile and transparent decisions
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to learn and develop as an individual  
  • Share your knowledge to motivate and inspire others to develop around you
  • Provide and accept feedback, learning from your mistakes to improve yourself and others
  • Ensure simplicity and efficiency in everything you do
  • Ensure decisions are timely and are taken at the right level
  • Avoid over complication through being agile and open to change direction

Recruitment Calendar

Video interview: January & February 2019

Assessment days: March 2019

Offers made: April 2019

Start date: June 2019