Life Designed From Creator to Concept

At Renault we revel in the pursuit of our passion. And our passion is pushing automotive design to its limits. To invent the future. To create it even. That’s why our concept cars are revolutionary.

They’re making a promise: to commit to the design potential of the future and to champion our Creators. But they’re also explorations of design that keep you connected, to yourself and to the world around you.

So what does our future look like? Let’s take a glance, and glean insight from some of the expert Creators behind them.

'It’s the biggest challenge for all car designers in the next few years. How to integrate people’s lives into their cars. We need to create a very fluid connection between your life at home and your smart phone, and when you get into the car, you want this life to continue.' Laurens Van Den Acker


There’s a good reason this 2-seater electric coupé was crowned most beautiful at the prestigious Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este this spring. This illustrious competition celebrates the automobile as a work of art and has done since 1929. The TreZor took home prize for best design for concept cars and prototypes.

For us, it marks the start of a new generation of vehicles for Renault, offering a little taste of the what the Creators imagine future Renaults to be.

Our Senior Head of Design, Laurens van den Acker, describes the TreZor as 'a story of love'.

'You see two types of surfacing that are interlocking.' On the one hand 'you see very beautiful, sensual, shiny surfacing', which for Acker symbolises the feminine side. And on the other, 'you have very beautiful hexagonal facets, with a satin finish, the more the masculine side'. It is then, a love story of sorts. 'It's a car to use to escape for a long weekend with your partner. It’s a GT with room for your luggage. It’s electric, to be clean and to give you a nice driving experience.'

Despite it being 100% electric, the batteries still need air to keep them cool. Acker uses air vents that move up and down, which he describes as the car breathing, to 'show that there’s life inside'. Bringing it all back to our brand philosophy: Passion for life.


Captur is a fun and sporty crossover, Laurens Van Den Acker describes it as 'ideal for a young couple about to discover the world'. 

Julio Lozano, Exterior Designer on the Captur explains his inspiration: 'I began with the image of a sprinter on the starting blocks, his muscles tensed, and the energy unleashed when the starting pistol is fired.'


'DeZir is a statement… which conveys notions such as movement, sensuality and emotion through ideal proportions, in much the same way as an object whose forms have been honed by nature. The result is a warm, stimulating design that says 'Renault.'  Axel Breun, Director of Concept Car and Show Car Design

'Love is a sentiment that lifts you; gives you wings,' says Stéphane Maïore, who was in charge of DeZir’s interior styling. 'Inside DeZir, you feel like you're floating on a cloud,' adds Stéphanie Petit, Colours and Materials Designer.

ZOE e-sport

'We came up with something midway between a production model and a racing car. It’s perfect for lovers of extreme driving sensations!' Stéphane Janin, Director of Concept Car Design.


'R-Space brings together qualities long considered opposed: family, functionality, sportiness and sensuality,' explains Axel Breun, Director of Concept Car and Show Car Design. 'It answers the expectations of a large slice of our modern society.'

'With R-Space, it was the pent-up energy in tensed muscles that inspired me,' reveals Fabrice Pouille, Exterior Designer. 'I wanted to make people feel the urge to caress the body, to make it sensuous – despite the fact that this is an MPV aimed at families.'