Life Designed Championing our Future Creators : Meet the Judges

Meet the Judges

Our 5 judge panel have the difficult job of whittling down our 15 students to 3, eventually selecting just 1 who will be granted exclusive access to our pioneering Global Design Centre in Paris.

François Leboine

As Studio Chief Designer Exterior at Renault, Leboine offers students his expert insight, working as both a mentor and judge for this year’s initiative. Leboine was the lead exterior designer who reinvented the Espace - the new Renault crossover SUV with an imposing presence, fluidity and elegance. 'For us, [it]was the best way of developing all the visual codes that would define the top of our range.' 

His advice to this year’s students?  'You have to lose yourself for a while before finding something new. And if you have not been lost, you’ve not been far enough.'

Anthony Lo

Our Vice President of Exterior Design and Concept Cars at Renault believes you have to predict the future to design a concept car.

Lo headed up the judging panel last year and said: 'It was fascinating… to see some of the brightest upcoming design talent take on the challenge of how autonomous technology might influence the world of transportation in the future.' 

Nick Rhodes

Rhodes is the Programme Director of Product, Ceramic and Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins. He has worked extensively for international clients and employers like Möet & Chandon, Montblanc, Liberty and Molton Brown.

'This year’s winner is going to have to produce something really compelling. It’s going to have to be exciting, feasible and it’s got to make sense to multiple users.'

Nick Clinton

Creative Director of Fusion Media, Clinton has worked in the car industry for over 15 years. He’s designed campaigns for some of the world’s most prominent car manufacturers.

With a penchant for vehicle dynamics, technology and design, Clinton’s expectations are high.

Max Fraser

An avid design commentator across a multitude of mediums, from books and magazines to videos and events, Fraser aims to broaden the conversation around contemporary design.

A key member on last year’s panel, Fraser expects sleepless nights to bring their future gazing ideas to fruition.

Remarking on last year’s winner, Anthony Lo stated 'the designers went beyond the confines of a vehicle, they created the most surprising concept.'.

So what will they achieve this year?