Family Life #BehindCarDoors

Drive together, thrive together

What really happens behind car doors? It seems British parents are quite literally ‘going round the houses’ when it comes to discussing serious issues with their kids – by using the family car as a travelling confessional.

A new study conducted by Renault has been exploring the importance of family time in the car. Here are some of the findings.

A chance to open up

Over half (54%) of kids are more likely to open up when mum or dad is behind the wheel.

Over 40% of parents believe this honesty comes from lack of a judgemental stare.

51% think it’s because there are no other distractions, e.g. TV or gadgets.

Quality time

One in 10 concerned mums and dads have deliberately gone on a car journey in a desperate bid to get their child to open up.

Eye contact

Well over half (59%) of parents instigate awkward topics whilst in the car as they don’t have to engage in eye-contact.

The birds and the bees

A third (32%) of parents admit they find it easier to talk about more delicate subjects with their little ones, such as the ‘birds and the bees’ – while driving.

A digital detox

One in five (23%) see driving as a key opportunity to reconnect as a family when life gets busy.

In a modern society, it’s reassuring that I Spy (39%), singing (41%) and having interesting conversations (39%) beat playing computer games (35%) and watching TV (26%) on long car journeys.

An education for parents

28% of parents admit they learn more about their children in the car than in the home.

Top car confessions

More than one in five kids (22%) admitted to getting into trouble with a teacher or not doing well in a test (22%).

10% of children have discussed changes in their body shape and 8% of kids instigated the ‘sex chat’.

To put the findings to the test, we’re conducting a year-long social experiment with online personalities Mother Pukka (@mother_pukka) and Father of Daughters (@father_of_daughters).  Their daily trials and tribulations will be captured on a dash-cam, revealing the real life conversations and experiences as parents navigate all sorts of challenges. 

Renault surveyed 2,000 parents in the UK that drive with children aged 2-18, via OnePoll.